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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DIY Thrift Store Jewelry Holder

I have an amazing amount of jewelry and on the weekends I put it all away.  During the week, it usually end up throwing it on my nightstand so it starts to pile up.  Not good when you live with someone who is OCD about clutter. 

I was on Pintrest one evening and came across this picture but it didn't have any instructions...

It was exactly what I was looking to make.  So I hit the Thrift Store and found 2 plates and a candle
stick to try this jewelry holder out.

Try #1

Sorry I don't have pictures of me making this, it was pretty easy.  I glued the top and bottom of the candle stick, then put the smaller plate on top, the bigger plate on the bottom.  I went to eat at PF Chang's and the waitress gave me the Lucky Cat figurine on top.  I glued him in the middle to hold my hoop earrings.  I now keep my most worn pairs here for easy accessorizing in the morning.

This option worked for a while but I felt like I needed another level.  So I was out at the thrift store (again) and found a plate that would work with the color scheme. It was 50% off of $1.90 and the candle stick was $0.90 so $1.85 for both items.

 I got my Tacky Glue out again and got to work.

First I glued the top and bottom of the candle stick, just like before.  I glued the bigger part to the middle of the plate, then the smaller part to the existing one I already had put together.

If I had planned on doing a 3 level holder I would have put the green candle stick on the very bottom since its bigger.  But it looks ok from the top and gives me more storage space.

Finished product.  I love the Lucky Cat the most of all.  He's so cute perched on top of the plate.

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