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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Grinch - Valentines Edition

After all the work that went into making Sir Grinch I felt that he needed to be part of my office decor 365 days a year.  Since Valentines Day is around the corner Grinchy Poo has been dressed accordingly.

Using the template I already had for his coat I cut out a piece of white felt.  I used Word to make 2 different size hearts and got to work cutting out the pieces. 

I glued hearts down the middle and smaller hearts on the sleeves.  I cut trim for the V-Neck and 4 stripes to put on the sleeves. 

I wanted Grinchy to have some fly kicks so I made him some Nikes from the template I made his Santa booties from.  

I stopped by the dollar store and picked up some hearts to embellish the background and here he is, all ready for V-Day.

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