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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIY Jewelry Tray

I am a huge Flea Market and Thrift Shop gal.  I love a bargain and I am always looking for display options for my finds.

I was at the DC Big Flea in Chantilly last year and came across this fabulous Type Set Tray for $14

I instantly knew this was the perfect storage option for my Juicy Couture Charms.  I have close to 75  and the boxes were taking up way too much space in my closet.

I went by Joann's to get some felt and they have a surprising number of options including:

Getting started is easy you need:

Hamilton Type Tray
Felt - I purchased a 1/4 yard at Joann's
Tacky Glue 
Piece of white paper or something for a template

Turn the Tray Over and measure the felt for the bottom.  Add Tacky glue around the edges and glue the bottom.

This is important because the trays are old and might have rough spots and/or splinters.  Mine was in good shape but it was going to be resting on another tray so just to be safe I covered the bottom.

My tray had 3 different sized slots.  I used a piece of paper to measure a template for each of the sizes I would need.  I cut out the 14 small slots, 10 longer skinny slots, and 4 big slots.  I glued the bottom of each piece of felt and put it in each slot.

Just to polish it up a bit and make it jazzy, I added a piece of felt on the back strip 

Now came the fun part adding all my charms!  I put the original boxes into storage as I do not need them hogging up precious closet space. 

Finished Result

Hamilton Type Trays can be found: Hamilton Type Trays on eBay

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