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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thrifting and the Plus Size Woman

I promise to update my blog more than once every 2 years!  Ok with that said, I have this overwhelming need to share one of my biggest passions.  Saving money and Thrifting.  I had lost of ton of weight and threw out 85% of my closet because it was falling off of me.  So I happened in to Village Thrift Store in Woodbridge, VA one day looking for something for my house.  I did not intend nor did I want anything someone else had worn before.  I was walking to the back of the store when a really cute sweater caught my eye.  It was from Benneton and costs $4.90.  The tag was yellow which meant it was 50% off today so I ended up buying it for a whopping $2.45.

Anyone who knew me in my "Retail Life" would have never thought I would purchase something at a thrift store.  I was a Lane Bryant addict, a Torrid Snob, and a Macy's Uppity type of person.  A good deal to me was perusing the clearance rack or getting a coupon.

So enter in my new life of thrifting.  Around 50% of my closet is currently thrifted.  My Thrift store has a 50% off sale on Sunday and Monday so I usually go in when they first open at 9am.  Otherwise it's crazy and you don't want to be in there.

Village Thrift is organized by item type and size which makes it easy to locate clothing rather quickly.  I've read on some blogs about digging to find the best bargains but $4 or $5 for a top/dress/pants is worth me not having to stick my hands in nasty bins or wrestling around in a tiny unorganized store.  I live near Potomac Mills so the prices at Village are a little higher than your garden variety thrift store.  I'm ok with it as long as I shop on the sale days only.

I get more compliments on the outfits I wear that combine Thrifted purchases and my general sense of style.  You would be surprised at the numerous plus size offerings to be had at thrift stores.  I think women are constantly gaining and losing weight so their clothing is donated frequently.  For someone who doesn't like to pay a tremendous amount for clothing this is a perfect place to find unique items.  It also allows you to sample different clothing designers to see if their items fit.  You can't always go by the size tag.  Try everything on.  Many thrift stores have fitting rooms so use them1

I promise to start posting my Thrift Store hauls and plan on visiting some newer stores just opened around the area.  I get very comfortable in my local surroundings so venturing out is going to be a whole new experience for me.

Stay tuned!

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