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Monday, January 27, 2014

H&M Plus Size Sale Grabs

I had a Torrid Haute Cash that needed to be spent so I hopped on over to PMills (Potomac Mills Mall located in Woodbridge, VA for those of you wondering what the hell I'm talking bout) to get $25 off a purchase of $50 or more.

H&M is right across from Torrid and they had a big sign in the window that said:

I go in right as the mall opens for 1) the best selection 2) the least amount of people and 3) an organized and clean Plus Size Section.  I'm lucky in that I have an H&M that carries the Plus Size line 5 minutes from my house.  This section is usually the most unkempt, unorganized, and unruly place in the entire store.  Learned this the hard way so going early is key!

I start looking through the Sale Section which is not separated by size, just by type of clothing.  Start with the shirts and find this off the bat:

Tag says $34.50, on sale for $5, Clearance price $2.50
SAY WHAT???!!?? Sold on ebay for $25

I didn't see anything else in tops so I go to the pants/skirt section.  Usually I don't have much luck with their pants but said ok let's see what they have.  Worst case scenario I'll put them in my eBay store or on Poshmark.  

Looking through I thought these pants looked familiar and sure enough Allison from Curvy Girl Chic had worn them over last summer.  She looked totally cute in them!  Pic from her blog is below.


Def something I will resale

I continued looking and found the nicest trench coat from H&M Conscious Collection.  It's made from Tencel and is so soft.  It fit amazingly so I bought one for me and three to sell.

This was the best steal of all.  Tag said $80, it was on sale for $20, so yes $10 for this amazing coat!

Overall I think i made out pretty good at their sale.  The coat was the only thing I paid over $5 for and it was worth every penny.  

H&M Plus Sale Link - Not a lot of selection there was a lot more in store

H&M+ Plus Sizes online - A few cute things to be had

Address to Store:  

2700 Potomac Mills Circle 
Woodbridge VA 22192

Allison from Curvy Girl Chic can be found here

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